The third and last day was marked by presentation of the last two competition screenings, after which we sat, live and online, at The round table of media literacy, which was marked by the guest appearance of Matija Mrakovčić from the association Kurziv – platform for culture, media and society, Martina Mladenović, journalist and our film selector of Star Film Fest, Marija Georgiev from the non-profit international art and production platform Bacači Sjenki and Sisak primary school teacher Bojan Iličić.

Today we are surrounded by a large amount of information and messages, so the selection of information and the skill of critical analysis are more important than ever. We read texts as GIFs, newspaper articles, TV articles, photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram, videos on YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok videos and at the same time we participate in the creation of some kind of media every day. Participants discussed the importance of critical thinking but also problems and new trends in the media.

After the conversation, the winner of the eighth edition of the Star Film Fest was solemnly announced, and this year’s awards were given by category. The best films of the eighth Star Film Fest are the feature film Black Box by Cana Deniz Aticia, the documentary Blue Border by Ivan Milosavljević, the animated film S13p15a by Jesús Lonieg and the experimental film The Invasion by Dante Rustav.

The award for the best film editing was won by the film Recognize by Flux Moreno, and the award for the best photography and for the best regional film was also won by the film Blue Border by Ivan Milosavljević.

Star Film Fest selectors Martina Mladenović and Anja Kavić presented two selector awards this year – one for the film stop-motion animation Perrena by Marco Algor and Ruben Seca and the other for The Moon, Tomasico And My Grandmother by Angel Caparros.

The audience also had a role in awarding the prizes, and awarded its prize to the film (Un) known neighbors by Isaac Rodriguez, and a special cash prize – The Stardust Award, as a motivation for further creation won the film by Nikola Stojanović’s Everything as it should.

We ended the evening with a magical light workshop of the Egzoterra collectiveLiquid Light Show, which turned the facade of the Center of Creative Industry Sisak into its own art canvas.

Three film days directed by Star Film Fest, on Saturday, August 28, are coming to an end. After the earthquake that hit Sisak-Moslavina County and the presence of coronavirus, behind us are three successful days filled with film, work and entertainment, thanks to numerous organizers and volunteers.
The Star Film Fest star crew is taking off again, continuing its journey and waiting to land until next year when it will raise star film dust again.

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