We have brought the film saga called Star Film Fest to an end! For three days, the center of Sisak was occupied by filmmakers, film lovers, and the third and last day was marked by the continuation of the workshop cycle of running a campaign on social networks led by Gabriela Brigljević, marketing expert for social networks.

We also brought the competition program to an end and tallied up all the votes of the audience, and the last screenings from the domestic film scene were marked by the documentary films Fronta by Dina Uglešić and Bite of Paradise by Magda Mas which documents the production process of the 5th studio album of the Jamaican Connection band Brain Holidays, which, on the occasion of the 20th band’s anniversary, recorded at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Among animated Croatian youth forces, Noa Pisači stood out with the film Katarza and Nikola Kašić‘s experimental film Sam’ se sekiramo which explores the frustrations caused by everyday obligations and the physicality of space.

In the afternoon, we hung out with books, including movie books! The presentation of Ana Đorđić‘s book Film in School and Ilija Barišić‘s Film Grammar of Video Games was held in the gallery space of the Dutch House, and afterwards film knowledge was tested by Kvizopija – the first pub quiz in Sisak which for the second year in a row, in cooperation with SFF, gathers in the fight for knowledge a large number of fans of the film.

We marked the official end of the ninth edition of Star Film Fest on the promenade of Slava Striegl with the closing ceremony and the announcement of the winners. The prize for the best documentary film, which delighted the jury, was won by the film Killer Dog by the Spanish director Alexander Lemus. The award for the best feature film, but also for the best cinematography (photography) was won by Svetislav Dragomirović for the film Delovi tela. Sam’ se sekiramo by local director Nikola Kašić was declared the best experimental film in the competition. Ant Hotel directed by Yu-Hsuan Teng, was awarded for the best animated film, but also won the selectors’ award awarded by Anja Kavić and Martina Mladenović.

The Special Star award for the best regional film was won by the feature film Divljač by Serbian director Bojana Babić, and the award for the best editing was awarded to the film Kortki by Jovan Dimoski. The Special Star award, chosen by the audience, was won by the feature film Bakalor by local director Daria Stilin.

The ninth Star Film Fest also brought an award for the best student film. Student films are the works of authors whose names you will not hear about, they are the future of domestic and world cinema, and the award was won by the Japanese animated film nowhere directed by Asaki Nishin, while the special Stardust award, which includes a monetary award, is awarded to one of of winning films as an incentive for further creation, this year’s edition was won by the domestic film Sam’ se sekiramo by Nikola Kašić.

After the screening of the award-winning films, the closing of the ninth edition of the SFF was moved to the courtyard of the Dutch House, where on the last day we danced to the concert of the Zagreb band Munchmen, and we hereby thank everyone who helped us tell this year’s film story called Star Film Fest, and especially our volunteer forces and see you next year when we turn ten years old!

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