At this year’s edition of Star Film Fest, you will have the opportunity to watch excellent films by well-known Croatian authors. In addition to the rich and meaningful competition part of the program and the online program that you will be able to follow on our official website, we have also prepared award-winning feature films “F20” and “Zagreb equinox“.

If you want to spice up your summer evenings with a dose of quality film, be sure to stop by the screenings at the outdoor area of ​​Theater 21 at Trg grada Heidenheima 3, in Sisak. You can watch the film “F20” on the second day of the festival, on Friday, September 4 at 8:15 pm and watch the “Zagreb equinox” on Saturday, September 5 at the same time.

The successful “F20” is the latest film by the famous Croatian director Arsen Anton Ostojić, who has already talked about his connections with Sisak in an interwiev. “This is a genre film that does not deal with any standard Croatian daily political topics, but above all strives to be entertaining, although, honestly, it depicts a rather serious story. It is even partly inspired by the actual events that have taken place in our country. It is easy to understand for foreigners, so it is probably one of the reasons, in addition to its quality, that it has won a dozen awards at international film festivals in the last 4-5 months. ” – said Ostojic for Star Film Fest.

Zagreb equinox” by director Svebor Mihael Jelić is especially welcome on the Sisak screen. Which is because of its excellence and because of the special connection with the city of Star Film Fest. It should be noted that the young actor Patrik Gregurec comes from Sisak, so the audience will have the opportunity to recognize the local face and excellent acting in a world-class film, under the starry Sisak sky. “Zagreb equinox” also focuses on “party”, so after the screening you can definitely continue the evening in a relaxed style. The director says of the film, “It’s the story of 6 friends who embody all those crazy stories we all experienced while at 4 in the morning we wondered how we ended up here. It is an attempt to capture the specific atmosphere of nightlife in Zagreb in the period around 2015. I think that young people from other parts of Croatia can identify with the film, and in general an alternative that comes from other European cities. ”

Watching a movie outdoors is a special experience and that is why we look forward to hosting you in front of our screen. Admission to the screenings is, as always, free and in addition to the mentioned films, there is also an accompanying program in the form of workshops, concerts and exhibitions that you will be able to follow online through the official Star Film Fest website.

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