The Poster Collection of the City Museum of Sisak keeps numerous film posters announcing film screenings in cinemas, and their exhibition will be a real film overture to the grand opening of this year’s eighth edition of Star Film Fest!

For this year’s Star Film Fest, Ivica Valent, a museum advisor at the Sisak City Museum, chose 10 posters of martial arts, kung fu films that were shown in cinemas, and attracted the attention of mostly younger audiences who often imitated the martial arts movements seen in the film.

The genre of kung fu films originated in the 1970s, and its roots lie in the tradition of Chinese “fencing film”. The first kung fu film is considered to be “Invincible Boxer” (1973) by Cheng Chang Ho.

“In Chinese, the term kung fu means a skill in any kind of human activity, but over time it has become commonplace as a sign of mastering various Chinese martial arts, mostly without weapons.

Although kung-fu fighters sometimes use aids (eg sticks connected by a chain, the so-called nunchaku), fights usually take place with bare hands and feet, which are dealt deadly blows.

In the rich Chinese cultural tradition, along with philosophy and art, visibly, and a separate place from the mentioned disciplines, they occupy fighting techniques, more precisely self-defense. In kung-fu movies we find traces of all the important Chinese martial arts: aikido – directing the enemy’s energy against himself; jeet kune doa – blocking strokes (a technique specially developed by bruce lee); juda – developed from jap. jiujitsua, auxiliary techniques of swordsmen; karate – skills developed from Chinese boxing; Shaolin boxing, whose training relies on the development of awareness of chiu (life force), which is the central concept of Taoism; taekwondo – Korean martial arts; tai chi chuana – the least aggressive martial arts, whose students hold that training leads to supernatural powers (giant jumps, catching arrows in flight, etc.); wing chun kung fua – a Buddhist skill based on constant movement. Mentioned martial arts in kung-fu movies are used in a stylized way, accompanied by the so-called. against a background of muffled blows and almost animal cries. All Chinese martial arts originated as a combination of meditation training and observation of animal movements, which in films results in a kind of “choreographed violence.”

The exhibition will open this year’s edition of Star Film Fest, on August 26 at 7:30 PM in the outdoor space of Theater 21.

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