First Competition screening / Thursday, 26 August 2021, 8:30PM, Kazalište 21 outdoor area

Plava granica, documentary
Director: Ivan Milosavljević, 1988
Country: Serbia
Duration: 19 min
Content: The man living on the border spent his whole life searching for the biggest fish in the blue Danube.

One left, animated
Director: Sebastian Doringer, 1996
Country: Austria
Duration: 6 min
Content: Several patients in a doctors’ office are waiting for the test results to find out how much time they have left.

Director: Céline Brengou, 1994
Country: France
Duration: 3 min
Content: As the landscapes unfold behind the train’s window, thoughts roamfreely and the mind wanders: Mister and Mister discourse.

Kula, animated
Director: Sunčana Brkulj, 1997
Country: Croatia
Duration: 4 min
Content: As years and years go by, a tiny civilization makes its way upwards.

The Ducks, animated
Director: Angela Aguirre, 1986
Country: Spain
Duration: 7 min
Content: The excited Mari Carmen starts her first day of work in the International Sales Department of a company. However, not everything will turn out as expected. A duck has appeared on the balcony, playing around with all of Mari Carmen’s workmates and turning upside down the day Mari Carmen hoped to start off on the right foot.

(Un)known neighbours, documentary
Director: Isaac Rodriguez, 1992
Country: Spain
Duration: 3 min
Content: I recently moved to Barcelona and, during all this time, I have got to know all my new neighbours. I have calculated that hundreds of people could live in my Eixample block. Different lives with a diversity of ideals, routines and behaviours, which coexist wall to wall and bump into each other day after day.

Over coffee, feature
Director: Yana Sariadi, 1991
Country: Russia
Duration: 5 min
Content: She waits, he makes coffee. 

Spin cycle, feature
Director: Ignacio Rodo, 1986
Country: Spain
Duration: 2 min
Content: Your washing machine has several programmes. For your Tinder dates, we would strongly recommend using the spin cycle. 

Siega De Mieses, experimental
Director: Carles Abad Tent,1996
Country: Spain
Duration: 3 min
Content: Somewhere in this world, a boy decides to cut off his head to give it to the girl he loves, but nothing turns out as he expected.

The Moon, Tomasico and My Grandmother, feature
Director: Angel Caparros, 1995
Country: Spain
Duration: 3 min
Content: A grandson is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish. 

The last birthday, feature
Director: Esteban Díaz Baena, 1994
Country: Spain
Duration: 4 min
Content: In 1893 a terrible curse was made, today we witness the consequences.
Second Competition screening / Friday, August 27th 2021, 3:00PM, Centar kreativne industrije Sisak

Feathers on the roadside, documentary-experimental
Director: Santiago Teijelo Vázquez, 1987
Country: Spain
Duration: 8 min
Content: Through the observation of the spaces shared by humans and other animals, we are able to reflect on the relationship that has been created between each other. Animals continue to distrust human beings despite the long relationship that unites them, not without reason, because on many occasions the relationship is forced and unequal.

The wheel turns, feature
Director: Mamadou Samba Diallo, 1994
Country: Belgium/Senegal
Duration: 19 min
Content: Kadiatou left Conakry to join her sister in the village. She fled her husband who doesn’t want to divorce. In the village, where she lived all her childhood, she is confronted with traditions which she finds obsolete.

Watani, feature
Director: Joan Pauls, 1987
Country: Iran
Duration: 3 min
Content: Two girls enjoy a bath with their father. What they know as their home will no longer be the same from now on.

Flesh, animated-documentary
Director: Camila Kater, 1990
Country: Brazil/Spain
Duration: 12 min
Content: Flesh is about how women are seen as bodies at disposal, judged as time passes as meat cooking stages. Through the form and texture of real materials such as paint, watercolour, clay, 35mm film and virtual image decomposition as glitches and datamosh, five women are represented in animation by women animators to highlight the perverse way in which society looks at them.

The Invasion, experimental
Director: Dante Rustav, 1987
Country: Uzbekistan
Duration: 15 min
Content: Each society has its own rhythm of life, which is set by time – by observing orderliness and traditions, but even the smallest intervention in this routine rhythm can change this society.

Slope, feature
Director: Maria Monreal, 1996
Country: Spain
Duration: 3 min
Content: Living in a village full of slopes can drive you mad. Those who have climbed them in the old-fashioned way are fully aware of that. What they don’t know is that their souls might get stuck on these slopes.
Third Competition screening / Friday, August 27th 2021, 4:10PM, Centar kreativne industrije Sisak

God’s Daughter Dances, feature
Director: Sungbin Byun, 1991
Country: South Korea
Duration: 24 min
Content: A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration, to attend the Military Service Examination.

Jaje, animated
Director: Ana Despot, 1994
Country: Croatia
Duration: 4 min
Content: The circle of life is an amazing thing; what we care about unconditionally for years comes to life only when we are gone.

Director: Juulia Kalavainen, 1994
Country: Portugal
Duration: 6 min
Content: A war-torn area. A solitary military checkpoint. A soldier stands guard alone, the only soul between two conflicting areas. 

Sve Kako Treba, feature
Director: Nikola Stojanović, 1995
Country: Serbia
Duration: 21 min
Content: Jovana, a single mother, wants to spend her birthday with her daughter Sara, but her plans are ruined when Sara invites her father to the party.

Once upon a time in Cadiz, feature
Director: Manuel de Victoriana, 1990
Country: Spain
Duration: 5 min
Content: Dani has a problem with his ex-girlfriend and talks about it with his co-worker during a workday.
Fourth Competition screening / Friday, Augus 27th 2021, 8:30PM, Kazalište 21 outdoor area

S13p15a, animated
Director: Jesús Loniego, 1986
Country: Spain
Duration: 1 min
Content: Even the most unsuspected dangers are signposted.

Wellness, documentary
Director: Jose Javier Castro, Núria Gebellí Guinjoan, Diego Véliz; 1996, 1987, 1987
Country: Spain
Duration: 15 min
Content: Mari Fe leads an amateur female bodybuilding team preparing to compete in Catalonia. Rookie Soraya and experienced Rosa and Angie battle to belong to a world where muscles and femininity must coexist.

Painting by numbers, documentary-animated-experimental
Director: Radheya Jegatheva, 1999
Country: Australia
Duration: 4 min
Content: When we look at great art, do we realise it is looking back? With eyes that see more clearly than we do?

The little tailor, feature
Director: Dazin Leo, 1987
Country: France
Duration: 17 min
Content: Charles Bukowski – “What stinks like that about you?”- “Corpses.”- “Corpses … Are you kidding?”- “Not at all, check it out for yourself.”

Nisam ovdje, feature
Director: Sara Radusinović, 1994
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Duration: 21 min
Content: The transition from adolescence to adult life is not easy for young Selena. With no money and no job, she still lives with her mother in her home town and deals with worries in a way typical for her – a chaotic one.

Ni na nebu ni na zemlji, feature
Director: Boris Simić, 1999
Country: Serbia
Duration: 12 min
Content: Nikola, who lives with his father as a tenant below his uncle’s blockhouse, acquires the right to vote in the elections, which represents an additional responsibility in his life.

Recognize, feature
Director: Isaac Fluxe Moreno, 1995
Country: Spain
Duration: 16 min
Content: A couple is accidentally run over on a mountain road.
Fifth Competition screening / Saturday, Augus 28th 2021, 3:00PM, Centar kreativne industrije Sisak

A unicorn in Tel Aviv, feature
Director: Zohar Ballas, 1990
Country: Israel
Duration: 20 min
Content: Alonna (28), a romantic who clings to old habits, tries to beat Tel Aviv.

The man who never saw the rain, animated
Director: Miguel Muñoz, 1985
Country: Spain
Duration: 2 min
Content: What if you’ve never seen it rain?

I’m Calling Your Father, feature
Director: Leon Ristov, 1999
Country: North Macedonia
Duration: 12 min
Content: When a teenager gets attacked by peers, his stubborn mother resolves to protect him from further harassment.

Black box, feature
Director: Can Deniz Atici, 1987
Country: Turkey
Duration: 15 min
Content: Selin (11) is a young violinist who is preparing for her final exams as she tries to survive in Istanbul’s chaotic atmosphere by herself. 
Sixth Competition screening / Saturday, August 28th 2021, 4:10PM, Centar kreativne industrije Sisak

Souvenir, animated
Director: Cristina Vilches, Paloma Canónica, 1989, 1991
Country: Spain/Switzerland
Duration: 13 min
Content: Grandfather and granddaughter in crazy and cute adventures.

The Arab and the Saint, feature
Director: Gerald Sommerauer, 1992
Country: England/Germany
Duration: 12 min
Content: Alsha is a travel guide somewhere in Tuscany. One day Hussain disrupts one of her tours. During her break he tells her that he also wants to be a tour guide. Alsha thinks he is a stalker, is irritated by his unfamiliar way of approaching her and avoids him. After a few days she visits him and they start a conversation about their different chances and hopes.

The legend of the sun and the storm, animated
Director: Hugo Tortul, 1999
Country: Brazil
Duration: 12 min
Content: After being banished to the Realm of the Dead by his father, Susanoo decides to visit his sister to spend time with her before actually leaving. Susanoo is the God of Storm and has a very destructive and impulsive personality, which has caused many around him to fear or hate him. His sister, Amaterasu, on the other hand, is the Sun Goddess, she rules the skies and is loved by many for her power to warm the world and for her gentle attitude towards her subjects.

Perenne, feature
Director: Ruben Seca, 1991
Country: Spain
Duration: 2 min
Content: A Rose of Jericho who has never seen herself in bloom talks to her friend, the Cactus, about the injustice of her lack of decision-making power. 

Pulpe fiction, feature-experimental
Director: Janek Tarkowski, 1986
Country: France
Duration: 1 min
Content: Which luscious candidate will pass the casting?

Snow and condensed milk ice cream, documentary
Director: Alodia Carina Valdez Kao, 1996
Country: Argentina
Duration: 10 min
Content: On November 22, 1979, the Argentinian dictatorial government ordered the closure of the sulphur mines people used to work in; this left thousands of people homeless.

* Films will be available to watch live at the locations of the competition screenings and online on the official website of Star Film Fest.

* Movies JOURNEY WITH MR. MR., Flesh, A unicorn in Tel Aviv, I’m Calling Your Father, Souvenir, The Arab and the Saint will not be possible to watch online but exclusively live at the location of the competition screenings.

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