Although short films are often unfairly overlooked as we witnessed at this year’s Oscars when many valuable short films were dropped from the main program, Star Film Fest has been emphasizing and appreciating the value of short film as an art  form for nine years in a row. Because as we all know, everything that’s beautiful is short-lived.

What is a short film anyway?
A short or short film is the term most commonly used for films lasting 10 to 20 minutes. The short film was characteristic of the earliest period of silent film, that is, the very beginnings of film art, and at some point went a little out of fashion when feature films started to dominate the movie screen. One of the first films ever made was the well-known short documentary “The Arrival of the Train at the Station” by the Lumiere brothers. It is also associated with the popular urban legend that the audience at the cinema, when the train on the screen headed towards them, fled in fear!

Charlie Chaplin and a host of other famous filmmakers were also known for their short films, but today we most often enjoy short animated films, from the famous cartoon “La Linea”, through “Wallace and Gromit”, “Frankenweenie” by Tim Burton and various animated series. Croatia also has a long and beautiful tradition of short animated films for which Zagreb Film is especially known, and Croatia entered the history of world cinema with the film “Surrogate” by Dušan Vukotić which won an Oscar in 1962.

A short film can also be compared to a short story in literature. A short film, just like a story, is not forgiving of idleness and mistakes,which requires exceptional storytelling skills – and that’s why it is often used to educate young filmmakers to master film form.Precisely because of its short duration, it can have great power and influence on the viewer, engaging their imagination by giving them only a quick insight into a particular event, situation, adventure…

And the short film fits perfectly into the hectic everyday life of the 21st century! Every time we watch YouTube videos, TikTok Streams and Instagram Reels, we enjoy the short form – and we know some of those sometimes can be true little works of art.

So don’t let short films pass under your radar this year! When the end of summer comes, after months of basking in the sun and swimming the sea, book at least half an hour for Sisak and short films at the ninth edition of Star Film Fest!

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