Star Film Fest invites all interested film and festival lovers to volunteer at this year’s Star Film Fest!

Join the organizational and volunteer team that has been counting the stars on the sky above the city of Sisak for nine years. This year’s Star Film Fest will take place from the first to the third of September 2022 and during these film days in Sisak you can contribute to the successful realization of another edition of the Fest under the stars.

You can apply for work in the preparation of the festival, as technical support and in the guest office. You can capture the events and atmosphere at the Fest by taking photos and videos, or by volunteering in the media sector of Star Film Fest. All this will be accompanied by fun, good atmosphere, starry skies and a handful of movies.

You can apply by filling out the form, and applications are open until July 1st 2022 by midnight.

Star Film Fest is dedicated to films by young authors from around the world and gives young, talented filmmakers the opportunity for their films to meet the movie screen and audience, but the festival also proudly spreads propaganda for the art of film which has contributed to the growth and development of culture in Croatia and the world.

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