Today, on Friday, 24 August 2018, a press conference was held in Sisak on the fifth Star Film Fest. The conference was attended by the director of the festival Matija Holjevac, the film selector Martina Mladenović, the representative of the city of Sisak Goran Grgurac and the representative of INA Damir Butković. The press conference was moderated by the head of the media sector Star Film Festival Kristina Kovačević.

Film director Matija Holjevac noted that the Star Film Fest is a film festival whose film screenings take place in the open, below the celestial vault. It represents a gathering of young people from Sisak and Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia and the world. Star Film Fest alludes to young artists, from eighteen to thirty-five years old. Film categories to be on SFF are documentary, experimental, feature film, animated and industrial films. The Star Film Festival will be held in Sisak from August 30th to September 1, 2018, in two locations – Sisak Old Town and Theater 21. SFF will include film workshops, concerts, visits to galleries and museums and roundtables and forums of close and appealing themes, and all content will be free of charge. The entire festival is the result of the work of a large group of young volunteers. Young creatives combine their skills and knowledge with the best of themselves into one whole, and with regard to the festival’s attendance, we can say that they are doing a very good job. Also, the festival will be able to watch on HRT and Classic TV through daily chronicles by the Star Film Festival team.

Martina Mladenović, who together with Anjko Kavić selected 56 best-featured films this year, has noted that the festival is developing every year, as well as by the number of films but also by their quality. We are proud that this year, apart from numerous films by Croatian authors, films from around the world have also come.

Damir Butković, director of oil refinery INA, who has been a general sponsor of the festival for a number of years, said he hopes that this year’s festival will attract a large number of locals and other visitors alike. He also noted that INA has been following the projects that are important for the development of Sisak’s culture and art, and so is Star Film Fest.

Finally, Goran Grgurac, Head of Education, Culture, Sports, Veterans Affairs and Civil Society, spoke to journalists. He praised Star Film Fest as a youth initiative that is evolving every year and emphasized the importance of encouraging such projects as they have the potential to develop into, more and more important, promoters of culture and art. He also mentioned the importance of the co-operation of such events and their importance for the development of the city itself and its surroundings.

We’ll see you in Sisak, on Thursday, August 30 at the opening of the Star Film Festival.

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