The third day of the Star Film Festival, on Saturday, September 1st,  a public hearing will be held in „Women in Film Education“ with the education of young filmmakers raising the awareness level on the problem. It is necessary to increase the visibility of women in the industry at all levels of education and access to cinematography.

 The surprisingly strong marginalization of filmmakers in the film industry despite initiatives and the expression of sensitivity to the lack of gender equality has appeared in the industry over the last few years.

The results indicate a significant subdivision of the directors in all phases of the production and distribution of audiovisual works: women directed only one of the five films in seven European countries whose cinematography is covered by this survey (21%), of total funding for films, 16%. There is a noticeable disproportion in the number of graduated directors (44%) compared to one who works in audiovisual art (24%).

The enchanted circle appears in the representation of the female director’s image: the director is most frequently perceived and presented through the figure of men and such an idea becomes a public opinion which ultimately results in its acceptance in industry and acting in accordance with such representation. In Croatia, 105 feature-length movies have been recorded, with only 4 women. What has been highlighted is the positive and growing trend of gender representation in the Croatian film industry over the last eight years.

One of the reasons is the establishment of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the legal obligation to co-finance debut films. Since 2008, after women directing films, they have risen from 4% to 16%, and now we need to ensure that we continue to potentiate this growing Croatian trend that is currently in line with the European trend.

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