The ninth edition of Star Film Fest also brings a touch of film literature. As part of this year’s edition, visitors will be presented with two books – Ana Đorić’s Film at School and Duško Popović’s Shors Film Conversations.

The position of film art and film education in secondary education is one of the frequent discussions among the professional public, especially in the context of education reforms. The book Film in school by Ana Đordić thoroughly and comprehensively answers numerous questions and doubts related to film education, emphasizing the indisputable need for its introduction in secondary schools. At the same time, she presents a very clear and reviewed model of its implementation, which also takes into account possible problems diagnosed by careful research of the conditions in which it would be implemented, but at the same time emphasizes with arguments how they can be overcome. In addition to a clear overview of legal regulations and examples of good practice from Europe and Croatia, the book also includes a survey that establishes the state of film literacy, teacher training and material and technical conditions as key prerequisites for the introduction of film education.

Duško Popović’s book Short Film Conversations was created from “short film conversations” that the author – chronicler of non-professional filmmaking, has had with Croatian filmmakers and media artists of various profiles for the last quarter of a century, on various occasions. Some were professionally active and prominent in various segments of the audiovisual industry and therefore more intensively exposed to the public, while others, due to the self-deprecating nature of their activities – professional or amateur – remained almost unknown outside a relatively narrow circle of connoisseurs. Erasing the difference between professional and amateur creativity, as well as the hierarchy of film professions, Small Film Conversations brings together prominent amateurs, masters and visionaries of amateur film, masters of “big” cinema, multimedia people, educators, producers and educators of new generations of filmmakers and film buffs.

(source: Croatian Film Association)
The presentation of both books will take place on Saturday, September 3 at 4 pm in the area of ​​the Dutch House at the address Rimska ulica 10.

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